Chef On The Gourmet


Boardroom Lunch or Dinner

a different meal everyday of the week

Day 1^ $13.75 - $16.75

*Chicken Breast stuffed with Spinach and goat cheese

*Rosemary Cubed potatoes

*Portabella mushrooms w/ baby carrots

*Buttery Biscuits

*Black berry cobbler

Day 2^ $13.75 - $16.75

*Pork loin stuffed W/ sundried tomatoes

*3 cheese Mac w/ bacon

*Maple Mesquite beans

*Coleslaw with poppy seed dressing ( no mayo)

*Chocolate chip cookie

Day 3^ $16.75 – 19.75

*Honey Mustard Beef Short Ribs

* Wilt Spinach, Peach, Sweet pepper salad W/ Bacon Dressing

*Brazilian Puff Rolls 

*Lemon Banana Pudding

Day 4^ $16.75 - $19.75

*Duck Pot Roast w/ Veggies

*Corn Muffins

*Black-Bottom Raspberry Tart

 Day 5^ $ 14.75 - $16.75

*Eggplant Parmesan

*Sesame Fried Chicken Tenders

*Stream Buttery Garlic Herb Broccoli

*Chocolate Whipped cream w/ Kahlua cake

Saturday 1^ $ 14.75 - $ 16.75

*Honey Baked Ham

*Sautéed Sweet Potatoes

*Ginger Sesame Green beans

*Clover Yeast Rolls

*Lemon Chess Pie

Saturday 2^ $ 16.75 - $ 19.75

* Prime Beef Tips over Wild Rice

*Field peas

*Grilled Cabbage

*Corn Muffins

*Apricot Bavarian Cream (chilled & firm)

 Saturday 3^ $ 15.75 - $17.75

*Oven Barbeque Pork Ribs

*German Potato salad w/ Hot Bacon Dressing

*Black beans w/smoked ham

*Cherry pie Cheese Cake

Saturday 4^ $ 14.75 - $16.75

*Chicken Fajitas w/ cook onions and peppers

*Yellow Spanish rice

*Rancho Chili Beans

*Flour Tortillas

*Leche Flan

Saturday 5^ $15.50 - $ 17.75

*Cajun Sausage & Quail Rice Jambalaya

*Baby Bok Choy

*Focaccia Bread

* Tres Leches Pound Cake w/ Fresh Berries




Brunch or After Party

ask for pricing per person

Bacon Breakfast lasagna

Fried egg and ham sliders w/ Fig apple butter  jam

Potato hash

Sweet potato casserole biscuits

Egg and bacon pizza with three cheeses

Bacon Pancakes Sticks

Chicken waffle sticks

Farmers breakfast crostini 

Vegetarian breakfast crostini

Doughnut holes & berries skewers with light powdered sugar

Bacon, Ham , Potato, Sweet Peppers, Avocado Quesadillas

Breakfast Eggroll 

Breakfast Meat Poppers 

Pig in a blanket

Baguette French toast

Crispy Hash Browns Straws

Southern Cheese Grits with Gravy Beef 

Mini Quiche Assorted Meat, Cheese, Potato, Spinach

Crêpe’s w/ Berry Heavy Yogurt Cream

French bread egg casserole

Chili Poblano pepper stuffed with cheese,egg, meat and potato baked

Baked Egg in Ham Cups

Bacon cheese pull apart bread

Fanciful fruit pizza with cream cheese or yogurt

Zucchini and egg breakfast

Breakfast burrito

Oven omelet

Chickpea breakfast burger

Tomato basil frittata

Eggs Benedict and ham

Egg, salmon and apple sandwich

Asparagus and mushroom spaghetti squash quiche

Baked eggs with pancetta and mushrooms

Cauliflower and bacon hash with fried eggs

Egg in a jar

Citrus and avocado salad

Breakfast salad with poached egg

Chicken salad with almond dressing

Chipotle sweet potato salad

Bacon Goat Cheese Avocado Toast

Cheese Biscuits

Apple, Carrot, Oatmeal, Blueberry  assorted Muffins

Seasonal Fresh Fruits

Seasonal Fresh Veggies